Safari Montage

screenshotImagine having thousands of the finest educational videos in the world at your fingertips. Programs from award-winning educational publishers like the History Channel, PBS, National Geographic and Disney that will help you better connect with children raised in a media rich world. Imagine the impact that could have on your classroom. Thatʼs what you get with Safari Montage. Everyone connected with the DPS network will have access to Safariʼs digital media distribution with your computers. And soon, that will expand to include digital media resources owned by DPS, teacher and student created media, digital TV and digital video recording.

Resource Overview
Resource Support & Integration

Approval & Recommendation Guidance :

Composite DPS Approval : Supported
FERPA Approval : Not Applicable
Curriculum Recommendation : District Core Supplement
ARE Recommendation : Not Applicable
ELA Recommendation : Recommended with Considerations
Accessibility Rating : Pending

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